Collects inspiration

This is not a secret that I am a hopelessly nostalgic collector of dolls, tools, photos, souvenirs. Any object that has meaning for me emotionally and aesthetically – or both together.

Behind each item in my collection lies a personal story (and its already has been said that I opened a chain of stores just to arrange myself where to show my collections). I surround myself with inspiration, and I try to find it every day, nearly in every corner – places I visit, songs that I hear by chance, tastes, smells, a sentence I heard, a book I was reading.

On my blog I have chosen to share with you these little things, which cheer up my heart and my eyes, and always find their way, eventually, to the colors and fabrics I choose and the clothes I design.


Tulips for the weekend

I like to open the end of the week, every week, with colorful flowers: tulips, roses or fresh garden roses.

Every Friday I buy at a nearby nursery, a different color of bouquet. This week I chose red and deep rich burgundy tulips, one of my favorite colors. I place the flowers on the dining room table, in an enamel or a glass vase or “Greengate” dotted jar, and they stay with us throughout the week. Even the clothes I make I like to incorporate a lot of colors, and a variety of textures. I’m sad when everything is in black and white (or blue-gray). I love my life multicolored.


Sweet moment

I confess! I cannot resist fruit tartlet with pastry cream. The combination of crisp pastry with fruit flavors and vanilla cream, along with a cup of herbal tea – joyfully boosts my taste glands and my mood within seconds. This week I tasted a tartlet like this at “Delicatessen” located on Yehuda Halevy Street. This was not only very tasty, but also a treat for the eyes. For me, this is the perfect dessert.


 In the kitchen with grandma

The material, the colors, the softness and the nostalgia that the enamelware brings into the house, take me back in time to another period of time, more innocent, in Provence, Tuscany or my grandmother’s kitchen. The soup in a bowl, flowers in a vase or a stew in an old enamel pot… I cannot resist this magic.

The most beautiful enamel pieces I found are from the flea market or shops, which import them from Eastern Europe. A moment after they become mine, I feel like we have known each other for years.

 Air to breath

Last Saturday we went on a family trip, towards the coming spring that brought the sun and the blossom. We stopped for a picnic at a special and magical place – Orly observation point, not far from the city of Sderot. The view of the wide wheat fields, with sheaves sway in the wind, the peace and quiet – recharged my batteries for the whole week. It is great to get out of town occasionally, to remember that we are surrounded by simple and so accessible beauty, to disconnect for few hours from all cellular and digital and feel a little bit more connected to family, nature and love.


  My Polishness 

I call this pair of lovely porcelain dolls from my private collection, “Polish women”. I bought those years ago from a special woman who lived in Neve Tzedek and fostered her fabulous private collections. I will always feel grateful to Haya Nir from “Katomenta”, who thanks to her I got to know quite a few special people, including the woman who introduced me to my great “Polish women”. Collectors from around the world tend to look after these dolls, and hopefully purchase them at any opportunity to come. These two “Polish women” are not only valuable, but also very precious to my heart.



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