Our Story

Take a large jug of nostalgia, generously pour into some romance, spice up with a little vintage and retro, add a pinch of strong affection for color and texture and attention to details, and sprinkle over with passion for fashion… a taste of this cocktail will take you into the world of Naama Bezalel.

Naama Bezalel, graduate of Shenkar College of Design and one of the leading fashion designers in Israel, was born in Jerusalem and later grew up in Herzliya.

She inherited her love for aesthetics from her mother who was talented in sewing, embroidery and knitting crafts. Naama founded the fashion house that carries her name in 1993, two years after graduating her studies at Shenkar. Today she runs a chain of nine stores and a spacious studio, from which she sends feminine and flattering collections for day and evening.

The designed handwriting of Naama is one of the most respected and recognized among the Israeli fashion industry, whereas every season she manages to bring an up to date and renewed interpretation to fashion trends from the 20s to the 70s of the 20th century, with which she corresponds in her work. Naama Bezalel designs timeless items that win the test of time, seasons and trends pass by and simultaneously her designs are trendy, up to date and precise.

Naama Bezalel built a brand with a clear and defined identity. Her cuttings are often close and accurate on the body alongside more loose cuttings. She puts an emphasis on the comfort of the garment and the fabric and considers the needs of the modern woman, who needs clothes to serve her faithfully from day to night, and in which she will feel flattered and stylish. Naama frequently uses motifs from the world of childhood such as baby collars, bow ties and extensive use of printings dots and other naive patterns such as flowers, Pepita, fruits, cherries and geometric shapes. Her clothes reflect naivety which goes along with power, softness and gentleness are featured alongside strength and assertiveness. These contrasts in her designs signify the soft and feminine modern women on the one hand and the strong and assertive on the other.

Naama Bezalel addresses women with self-conscious and environmental awareness, independent, opinionated and intelligent who are looking for a comfortable and flattering clothes that they could express their personalities through their outfit. All various models apply for young women and older women alike, from their 20s to their 70s, slim and full as one with a wide range of sizes 36-46. The variety of cuts include the various curves of the female body, put emphasis on what should be visible and hide any imperfections at the same time. The designs of Naama Bezalel are influenced by personal experiences, places where she visited, situations and experiences, conflicts in her life, books, music, exhibitions, tours around the world, movies and culture in general. Her affection for collectibles and tours in flea markets in Israel and around the world can be seen in her stores; designed spaces present various impressive collections of the designer which were collected with love and a keen eye.

“In a world of infinite abundance, of passing trends of noise and confusion, I invite you into my own private bubble, which brings the fragrance of the past into the present with trendy and updated matching”.